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Tricks of the trade Question

I have a sick baby and am in need of advice. She's not sick enough to need to see a doctor but sick enough to be able to tell she's miserable. She's got a runny nose and cough and pretty grumpy. My Dr husband down plays everything but I feel bad for her. Any suggestions.....


Cassi said...

Well your baby is probably feeling better by now! Sorry, it's been a busy week!
Having sick kids is so hard since all the medicines have been taken off the shelves. But I've found that a humidifier works really well. And so does Baby Vapor Rub. Also propping their crib mattress up on a pillow (under the mattress) so that it's a little slanted and therefore the baby's head is a little elevated. That seems to help a little with breathing and coughing.
Good luck, hope she's feeling better!

The Paynes said...

My kids loved a warm bath with mom or dad. Calms them down and makes them drowsy. I don't tend to use medicines much cause I don't seem to see them work, but infant Tylenol helps with fever. Wrapping up and taking a walk outside helps both mom and baby by getting fresh air and out of the stuffy sick room.

Oesterle Family said...

The fever's gone but she still has an awful cough, runny nose, and when I have my hand on her back I can feel her raspy breathing. Tyler said there's not much the Dr's would do.....I feel SO bad for her!