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Stranger Danger

My daughter is 4 and starts preschool on Tuesday. I haven't discussed stranger danger with her before now, but feel that with her starting school its time. How did you mothers go about it, how did you warn her without making her terrified of leaving your side? I'm all about passwords, have you done a password with your 4 year old child and actually not have them tell others? Any advice please!!!


The Perkins Family said...

Here's how it went at our house:

David and Shelly said...

Cute blog Perkins Family!

The Perkins Family said...

Thanks! I appreciate that! Sorry I don't have more helpful advice!

Tanya said...

We play the "what if" game..."what if someone asked you to get in their car and help them find their puppy?" or any other scenario. I was surprised with some of my daughters answers, I'm glad she's still here. I told her alot of people we know are very nice but some people aren't and want to take kids away from their families and if that were to ever happen to scream as loud as she can and find another mommy with kids or a worker or cop to help her find me. Good luck :)

Mindy said...

Such a cute Blog! Just stumbled upon it from a link on one of my follower's blogs! I decided to follow as well! Keep up the great work!

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Shalee said...

I grabbed the Berenstein Bear Stranger book to read to my 4-year-old but I thought it scared her more than it helped. We haven't done the password thing but we have told her she is not to ever get in anyone's car no matter who it is. We made sure she understood that either mom or dad would always be there to pick her up.

Cassi said...

That's a tough one. I think I've pretty much scared my kids, but it's better to be scared and safe instead of naive and not safe.
I make sure my kids know exactly who will be picking them up and that they should NEVER go with someone they don't know... no matter what that person claims. We do a carpool so other mom's pick my son up from school and i just tell him before he goes which mom it will be.
Also, if they are ever playing outside with friends I make sure they know not to ever somehow end up outside alone. If they are riding bikes and one kid goes in to get a drink my kid better come in to get a drink too, or go with the friend. I've heard too many stories about kids getting snatched when the friend goes in to get a drink or a jacket... scary!