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I'm an airhead!!

So sometimes I am a little slow!!! I get an email that says..... Andrea it's your turn for tricks of the trade!!! IF you have any questions let us know! ........ so my brain wiggs out and tells my fingers to hit the respond button..... uh yah I have questions.... what is tricks of the trade???? Well, to clear everything up.... I totally knew what the tricks of the trade post was..... my brain just wasn't processing!!! Sorry Girlies! I really am a competent woman!
Ok so now to my post! My hubby and I are trying to save save save money in all ways!!! Who isn't right?! So we canceled our t.v. subscription and I get this bright idea to take up the new task of couponing!!!!!! Has anyone else gotten into this?? There is a deal in our area that you can get the newspaper every day of the week except Monday and then 5 papers on Sunday so that you get all the coupons!!! And you get the papers for only 40 cents a paper!!!! Well..... this Sunday was my first Sunday being an official couponer (Is that even a word!! hahaha it's late!) and I LOVE IT!!!!! But as I am new I would love some advice! So.... without further waiting..... Tell me all the secrets that you have found to couponing! Your binder, the stores, the deals you have gotten!!! I am craving all the info I can get so I can be Great at this!!!!


Shan B. said...

Well....I am not a couponer....yet. My friend is trying to convert me. One of the things that's good is to have a manufacturer coupon with the in store coupon. I recently purchased 8 boxes of wipes for .04 cents plus tax. It was awesome. Good luck. That's all I know.....stacking is what I think they call it.

Shalee said...

My friend here saves ridiculous amounts of money through her couponing skills. I think it's a great hobby to have...just takes a lot of time and effort. Here is her website for more useful ideas

Mama Dub said...

I don't know a lot about couponing, but I just wanted to say KUDOS to you! I get exhausted and super intimidated thinking about doing it. But I totally want to! Good luck! Keep us updated!

The Paynes said...

Just be careful to only buy what you and your family will use and eat. A lot of the things I get coupons for, we wouldn't buy because they are packaged meals or frozen foods. I try to not buy those things as they are expensive and so unhealthy. I do use them for things like toothpaste and usually don't have to pay for it. Sometimes I write down what's for sale and match them with coupons and write down expiration dates so I don't forget to use them. And try to not bring your kids while you shop so you can concentrate. Best of luck.

Anna said...

I should be a couponer but I just don't have the time. I saw a lady on the news that had over a $100 bill at the grocery store and after all her coupons she spent $6. She also spent 5 hours a week on it. Good luck.

Janalee said...

EBAY!!!! You can get bundles of coupons (let's say 10 coupons for $0.50 off cheese) and some markets double coupons so really you could get 10 cheeses for $1 off each. And some hve triple coupon days. Check your local stores to see if they do it!!
Also, use a paper trimmer instead of scissors. Stack the pages with coupons together and cut them all out at the same time. Really, it saves time!!! And sell the ones you don't use on e-bay!