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Baptism Help!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever my excuse is I had a baby (with complications) and therefor put off most of my responsibilities... well, that's my excuse at least.

So here's my problem:

October is a very busy month in our home, not only do I have to come up with costumes (this year she wants to be Hermione Granger and he wants to be a Ninja, and they want the 2 year old and baby to be pumpkins) but I also have two birthdays to plan--20th and 22nd-- PLUS this year I have my daughter's baptism.

*screams in terror and hides in closet*

I used to be Primary President and helped people through this process and now I feel as if someone has asked me to plan a wedding... solo.

I have no clue where to start. NONE. Do I have to give people food? Do I have to ask people to talk? If I have to ask people to talk, then how many people?

Has anyone done this before or seen it done? I'm absolutely beside myself here and am therefore procrastinating to the umpteenth degree.

I would love some advice... some tricks of the trade.




Shan B. said...

You'll do fine. In my area we do stake baptisms but sometimes there's only 1 baptism in the ward so you have to do the whole thing. Make sure you talk to the Bishopric member who's over baptisms. Talk to the Primary Pres & I'm sure she could help with suggestions too.
Here's what you need: Opening & Closing prayers,opening &closing songs, 1-3 songs for when your daughter is changing, 2 talks...baptism & then Holy Ghost... & anything else you may want. Don't forget to ask somebody to play & lead the music. Oh & don't forget to ask for help. I'm sure the leaders in Primary would be so glad to help. As for after the baptism...if you want you could just do refreshments & ask family members to bring something. We weren't allowed to do food after Baptisms so you may have to do it at your house depending on the rules. Asking teachers to do talks is really good. Good Luck!! You'll do great!!

cannwin said...

I forget that most people are used to big stake baptisms. LOL, I live in a branch... our stake is in another state, so it's all me baby I get the whole building to ourselves. and since we live so far away from family no one will be coming (well my mom was going to come, but then her car needed a new transmission and that's all she wrote...)

*sigh* and when I asked the Branch Pres and Primary Pres what I needed to do they said "Whatever you want to do."

Not very helpful, so as you can imagine I'm a ball of nerves.

Thanks for the advice though, it's helpful.

Shalee said...

According to a trusty source...baptismal services should be simple, brief, and spiritual. A member of the bishopric presides (you might need to ask him, so he knows) and a member of the bishopric oversees the planning of the service. A lot of times in small branches they have the family plan it but I still think it is important to run it all by your bishopric for approval.

My advice would be to include your child in the planning...does she have a favorite primary song she wants everyone to sing? Does she have a favorite teacher/sibling that she would like to speak?

And most importantly I wouldn't worry so much about the mechanics as I would about the spirit of the ordinance. What a special and sacred time to help your child recognize the feelings of the spirit! The ordinance is what is essential...everything else is there to help invite the spirit and prepare the hearts of those in attendance to feel the spirit.

Make sure to take pictures beforehand!! Sometimes things are so busy we forget! I think it's nice to have a picture with everyone who came as well to help your child remember.

Chalece said...

I completely agree with Shalee. Simple is better because the baptism is what you want everyone, and especially the child getting baptized, to remember.
I just went to a convert baptism tonight and it was wonderful. They had:
Talk about baptism


The missionaries talked about the importance of Baptism while the girl got dressed
(Also, one thing we do in our ward is [after the baptism and while they're getting dressed] hand out a piece of paper to everyone in attendance and have them write a message to the person getting baptized. Their testimony, words of wisdom, whatever you like. Then the person getting baptized gets all the papers and can keep them. That's a great way to get wonderful thoughts from everyone in attendance to your baptism)
Talk about the Holy Ghost
Bishop said a few words

As far as refreshments, close friends were asked to help out.

Good luck!
I also agree with Shalee on the pictures beforehand. Make sure you remember that!!

Lisa said...

Don't go nuts. If something can be left out. Don't do it.

Better to keep your sanity then get everything done and not enjoy it.

Jill said...

I'd be more then happy to help you with invitations! I have a mommy-owned photo announcement and invitation business and would be honored to do them for free for you. If you're interested in photo baptism invites all you have to do is pick a design (any design) from my website and email me a photo and the event info and I'll get a proof going for you. ;)

cannwin said...

Wow, Jill thanks! I might just take you up on that. I have to get pics though... ugh trying to find a white dress is nearly impossible. And I'm not going to buy some fancy shmancy thing. I did see this idea online on how to make a mens shirt into a little girl dress and if I can get an hour or two I'm so going to steal one of my husbands shirts.

It's just getting the hour or two.

I guess I'll need to do that this week.

Okay, give me this week to get pics taken and then I'll come find you!

Again thanks.