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Nausea and Vomiting

A lot of times on Mommy Diaries we focus on post-birth mothering. But since I've looked like the above woman (minus the cute hair and clean bathroom) for the last 4 weeks I'm desperately seeking advice on pregnancy and sickness. I'm grateful the new (at least new since my last child) term is "nausea and vomiting" instead of "morning sickness" because as most of us know it isn't limited to the morning. In fact, the morning is when I feel my best and it gets progressively worse throughout the day.
Here are a few things I've tried so I wouldn't throw up twice a day:
  • They say to eat every 2 hours (I upped mine to every 1 1/2 hours)
  • Ginger (I tried Organic Ginger Snaps that look like little mints...they are good to distract your brain if you are about to throw up. I've also tried Ginger Snap cookies and Ginger Ale. I also have some "legal" ginger tea I should try but the thought alone makes me queasy)
  • Ice pops
  • Sea bands (did NOT work)
  • Dramamine (again did NOT work)
  • B6 vitamin (25mg) coupled with Unisom
  • And lastly, I got a prescription for the generic of Zofran (the drug they give to chemo patients) but it has yet to work.

I'm hydrated enough but I am pretty worthless when it comes to mothering my other two children and caring for our home...which comes with it an unbelievable amount of guilt. What do you do to combat the nausea and vomiting in pregnancy?

**And if you are one of the lucky ones who doesn't experience this please leave a comment so we know there's hope out there!**


Paola said...

my nausea wasn't really that bad. I got really lucky! but towards the end of my pregnancy when my daughter was so big that she was constantly pressing on my stomach, the nausea did increase dramatically! I tried the meals every 2 hours, it helped, but what I liked the best was having a small candy in my mouth. it got ride of the bad taste in my mouth which a lot of times brought on the nausea and also helped settle my stomach. I also walked around about 1/2 hr after eating to help things settle in my stomach and to get the baby to settle properly as well. hope this helps!

Bridget said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling sick! Some things that I found out from a great girl in our ward with this last pregnancy was to chew gum. I'm not a big gum chewer normally, but it really did help cut a little bit of the upset stomach feeling. Also, I couldn't drink water without feeling gross, so for me drinking a lot of powerade or gatorade helped a lot too. Good luck, I hope it passes soon!

cannwin said...

The Zofran didn't work for me either so I'm hoping I never need chemo.

Gum really did help me alot, but then I couldn't stand an entire piece nor could I handle the typical flavors. I found that Orbitz Raspberry Mint worked the best.

Also try never letting yourself get to hungry or to full. This helps a little. That's supposed to be why it gets progressively worse because your body is having a hard time digesting anything (as you would have noticed by now when breakfast comes back up at midnight) so try eating easily digestible things.

Saltines work sometimes.

The key to remember is never, ever, ever eat something you love during this time period. You won't be able to stomach it again.

Plus stop wearing any perfume you like and make your husband do the same. If not you're going to associate those smells with retching forever on.

Really though, for me what helped the most is to just try my hardest to stay asleep.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kelly said...

Hi, I am new here but wanted to send some encouraging thoughts your way, the being sick part of pregnancy just sucks. I responded well to Zofran with my last pregnancy, but I doubled, and some days tripled the dosage. Yes, I still threw up many times a day (and was still continually nauseas), but with out it I would have spent my pregnancy hooked to an IV.

I could not even open the fridge or enter the kitchen so we ate out 3 meals a day (or did take-out), I could not do housework- any smell would set me off. I am sharing this because I know the guilt, it is out of your control. My poor son cried everyday as we trucked out the door, and the credit card took a couple of years to pay off after all the eating out.

Take it one day at a time, you are doing the best you can. Get as much rest as possible- fatigue increases the sickness. Noise can also increase your yearn to yuke. (good to know when you kids at home right,lol??) Keep trying to find that thing that could bring you comfort. Best of luck! (have you tried a steady diet of tums by any chance? That did help me a bit.)

The Mortensens said...


I agree with the gum chewing, and constant munching. Crackers, gingerale, just don't let your tummy feel empty or it is worse. You are good to keep it at 1 1/2 hours. I was eating a little something (piece of bread, 5-6 crackers/pretzels) almost every half hour. Eat what sounds good to you too, I had grilled cheese and soup for breakfast a lot, just because it sounded good.

One thing that TOTALLY helps me through nausea is getting a little protein. There is something in the protein that helps your stomach. So, maybe you could have some toast with peanut butter or buy some ham or grilled chicken to snack on (with crackers or something, of course), oh and cheese would be a good one too.

Other than that, just mark the days on the calendar and hope for the countdown that it'll be over soon. Oh, and don't forget to count your blessings that you ARE pregnant! :) Wish you the best!

cannwin said...

oh yes, i lived on toasted bagels w/peanut butter with my last. I'd never eaten them before but I immediately needed it when I heard about it and it was perfect!

The Paynes said...

I second the protein and iron. I always felt so ill until I had a steak at my moms. The energy and alertness I got from that steak did me wonders. Eat what you want and stay away from fried foods, they may sound good at the time, but I always regretted it later. I am on my 5th baby and didn't feel better till 18 weeks! Way longer than before. I didn't do drugs, just trugged on cause I was hydrated, but just knowing it will come to an end give you hope, I hope!

Shalee said...

WOW- Thanks Mommies! You won't find it in any pregnancy book (at least that I've read) and I should have known that the moms on Mommy Diaries would know the trick!

Ever since I have been chewing watermelon gum I have not thrown up. It has taken the edge off of my nausea so much! I'm not a gum person either and it seemed like too simple of a solution...BUT IT WORKS!

Janalee said...

Each of my three were so different.
1st :no nausea-just starving all the time and extra tired
2nd: I threw up three times a day for the first 20 weeks. It started the day after I peed on a stick (about 4 weeks). I would have to eat twice for every meal. There was also no warning- eat, 10 minutes later throw up. I remember throwing up at a stake meeting. I had no idea where the bathrooms were in the stake center so I ran outside and threw up on the grass. It was terrible because I hadn't told anyone yet and I didn't drive-I got a ride with a carpool:(
3rd: Nausea 24/7. But I only threw up a small handfull of times. It was terrible, because I lacked the appetite to eat and my super nose made verything unapealing. I FOUND THE BEST THING for me was to put a roast or meat entre in the crockpot the night before so it could cook all night and I'd eat it for breakfast.
The sea bands worked for the first 10 weeks, but then it got too much for them to work.
Just remember that you'll be done before you know it and you'll have a beautiful angel to show for all your discomforts!!
Congrats and hope you feel better soon!

David and Shelly said...

Did someone mention taking the prenatal at night? That helped a little along with everything else combined. I never tried the gum thing. I'll have to remember that one for next time.
Hang in there girl! We'll pray for you.

Cassi said...

I've had yucky "morning sickness" but it doesn't sound nearly as bad as what you're experiencing! One thing I remember doing though is using children't toothpaste! Brushing my teeth would trigger vomiting and for some reason the children's toothpaste helped!
Good luck!

Michelle said...

I am new here as well, but here is what helped a little bit for me. I sucked on breath savers mints alot, I think the mint helped to settle my stomach. I also carried Almonds (raw unsalted) in my pocket. They are somewhat bland (so I could handle eating them), and they have protein in them which is also something that is supposed to help so you don't get too hungry. I'm sure any unsalted, semi-bland nut would work, they all have protein, and are really good for you. Good luck!!

Lisa said...

I know the tea doesn't sound good to you, but it's the ONLY thing that saved me.

Oh and snacking constantly. Sometimes it's easier to keep snacks down.

Rachel said...

I don't get terribly sick - I very rarely throw up - but the constant nausea is hard. My favorite helps were: LEAN protein, ginger, and I quit taking the prenatal. Instead I took a b-complex and a folic acid supplement. Going to bed as early as possible and going walking in the morning also helped stretch out my useful time in the morning. Afternoons and evenings I was pretty useless, but a long morning provides enough time to do what you HAVE to do.

Elliott Mom said...

I'm not a huge fan of the typical nausea treatments - ginger anything, Sprite, etc. My OB's nurse suggested potato chips and lemonade...and I am now a lemonade junkie when I'm pregnant - works wonders!