Ingredient of the month: Cream of Chicken Soup

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We love getting to know our readers and contributors better every month. This month we want to know what you are good at! What are your talents or skills? What do people complement you on? Is it your cooking? Your smile? Are you good at sports? Are you musical? Leave a quick comment so we can get to know you better!


Shelly said...

It looks like no one is willing to speak up. :o) Just kidding, I'll get the ball rolling.
Um...I think maybe I'm considered a thoughtful person. I try to remember people's birthdays and that sort of thing. I am a perfectionist so things that call attention to detail, I can usually do well.

Lindsey said...

I was thinking the same thing, Shelly....people are just too humble these days, huh?
Well, I am a great singer, pretty good cook, good baker, and I have a great smile!

Brianne said...

I always thought I didn't have talents because I'm not a good singer. And I'm not good at sports. I kinda thought you had to be able to see or hear a talent. But, I think I am good at being friendly. I really love people, and I am a good friend!