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Early onset winter blues

I don't know about you, ladies, but I LOATHE the cold! I detest it. I despise it. It makes me want to cry and scream and throw things. So, instead of facing it at all, when winter comes I just stay inside. Now this would be a dream if it were just me and my cocoa and a great book...but like the rest of you, I have children that demand that I interact with them somehow. So, my question is: What are your tried and true indoor activities? What things do your kids seem to be interested in day in and day out that doesn't involve bundling (a word that makes me cringe)? Please, help me, before the snow comes to cover my last hope of a life outside my shrinking apartment!


The Mortensens said...

I only echo your enthusiasm for winter. You put it so poetically! I seriously am getting anxiety about another winter coming. So, the only thing that seems to help us through the winter is planning. I know I know, you are all saying "kara, you are a nerd and you plan way too much!" I do. It's true, but it's the only way I survive. So, each day, I have "Will time" where I shut the computer, we don't watch movies, and we DO something. One day we do a craft (they usually last 10-30 minutes, but he loves it) or we do little educational activities like counting random objects, or we play games (Will just started really getting into games like CandyLand and Hi HO Cherry-O). So as long as I have some time set aside each day to just play with him and give him some needed attention, our days go a lot smoother. Other than that, we basically just sit around and either read books or watch movies. Last year, we weren't allowed to watch more than 1 movie a day..... I don't think that is going to happen this year..... I'm a desperate mom.

Good luck, maybe we'll see you in the Spring. Or if you get brave, maybe we'll see you at Adult and Tot?

Janalee said...

In our ward we have an enrichment mini group that's a playgroup everyweek. I love it becuase I get adult conversation every week. During the winter we rotate to everyone's homes. There's about 8 of us so we take one week about every other month. Here in new england our winters are from now till mid May, so it ends up bing three times each winter.
As for the rest of the week my kids LOVE the craft activities. Playdough (i make the stuff in the microwave so they get to hel make it too!) water colors, crayola paints, "cut and glue" while mommy atempts to scrapook, hanging snowflakes, magic markers on the windows or mirrors(it comes off with windex), My older daughter (4yrs) will sit forever playing with pipecleaner and pony beads! She builds castles, cars, and fences with them. It's like cheap legos kind of! We have an indoor picnic on the kitchen floor occasionaly. One of Kallyn's favorite activities is to take pictures with my digital camera. She's 4 and my camera is ancient so I don't mind if she uses it with my supervision. She'll set up all her toys and take pictures of them.
I hope it helps! I hate winter when it's so long! And this year I'll be getting uncomfy and suffering from a terrible case os spring fever with #3 due in March. Best of luck! And make sure you do get out at least once a week with other mommies or adults of some kind!

Bridget said...

Ahhh, winter! I'm getting very anxious about this least-favorite season as well! I'm pretty certain that at least a few of our family members will be certifiable by March, but my grand plan also includes lots of little projects. Both of my kids are play-doh addicts and my older one loves to help me cook, so we'll probably just eat lots of treats for a few months. Like Janalee said, other kid and mommy interaction are essential for us too, and so we'll be planning lots of playdates. Other things that I pull out on really bad days are building forts, digging in play rice (with measuring spoons, funnels, etc.), puppet shows, and the best winter activity - extra long baths. Good luck and just know that everyone will be trying to keep their kids entertained right along with you!

Shalee said...

2 thumbs up for extra long kid baths. My kids love playing in the tub. I also think stocking up on board games and crafts are great ideas. Ugh...I do not envy you moms suffering through the cold winters. I was always in better spirits if I had some place really fun to go a friend's house, a museum, target or the beach (oh, wait...that's what I'll be doing THIS winter!!) Another great winter escape would be visiting your dear friend in Florida!

Good luck! You're gonna need it!

The Mortensens said...

Shalee, I'm pretty sure I've never more jealous of someone than you right now! Actually, in January and February and March and April, THAT'S when I'll be really jealous of you! A trip to Florida sounds delightful, I may just take you up on that offer!

Cassi said...

We are jealous of Shalee too! But at least we can say this is out last winter here and we'll hopefully be headed somewhere warmer!
My biggest problem is my kids getting so bored they resort to fighting as entertainment. They love to bug each other. So if anyone has any good tips for that let me know! :)
But some good activities we've found are definitely crafts and baking. My kids love to help me cook. It also helps to have them play in their room alone or together. It would be so nice to have a playroom though!
We also go to the library a lot for new movies and books. And we try to have somewhere to go every day just to get us out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to invest in some fun, kid-friendly excercize videos to get out some of the built up energy. Turn the music up and get moving.

A good web site that is free and helps youngsters learn is

enjoy learning letters and sound and begin reading.

Janalee said...

The comment about the library made me think of our library. The have a museum program that you should see if your libraries do, too! The have family passes for all the museums in the area that you can check out for three days so you can get in to the museums for free! What a great way to get out of the house for the afternoon-especially if you have a science or childrens museum nearby!