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Teaching MOMents

I noticed from our poll last week that many of us worry about teaching our children. This is something that I am constantly thinking about. A lot of what we teach our children is done through our example or the examples of others but some of it comes when we take the time to plan, prepare and sit down with our children and teach them temporal and spiritual knowledge.

One of our main objectives with Mommy Diaries is to work together to make us better moms. So we are starting a new section devoted to "Teaching MOMents" where we can share ways that we teach our children...primarily children 0-5 years old. We will be having a weekly theme (much like the weekly ingredient) and we hope you'll share insights on how you teach your children and what works (or doesn't work!) for you.

Happy teaching!

1 comment:

Cassi said...

Great idea and what a creative name!! :) we definitely need help with teaching ideas!