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Sesame Street

I hope I don't regret saying this but my oldest son used to watch Sesame Street a lot and I'm convinced he mostly learned how to count from that. Not to say my husband and I didn't play a big part (we also had number magnets, flashcards and counting games) but he's always been very fascinated by numbers and I think that fascination started from all the counting and number songs/rhymes they do on Sesame Street! So, I'm definitely not promoting the replacement of moms with TV but if you ever need a break or have to get something done and you're going to let your child watch a TV show anyway (admit it, we all do it!) I think Sesame Street is at least a good show kids can watch and actually learn something from.

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The Paynes said...

Don't feel bad, Super Why taught my daughter her letters at 2. WHy not take advantage?