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Easy and Fun Flower Valentines

We adapted this idea from Family Fun and we had a blast making our flowers together. My 4-year-old loved choosing what colors she wanted for each individual friend. All I did was cut everything out (not the most fun part) and tape the bottom after she assembled them. The end result was a beautiful flower garden. Then she addressed them to each friend on the leaf (probably best to address them before you assemble them.)

To make flower valentines:
  • Cut out 3 hearts to make the petals

  • Cut out 1-2 leaves out of green paper

  • Take a circle punch to a cute scrapbook paper with fun designs and cut 4 triangles out of it to make the inside of the flower

  • Have the child assemble the flower onto the lollipop (inside, petals, leaf)

  • Put a small piece of tape around the bottom of the flower to keep it from sliding off the end of the lollipop

1 comment:

Cassi said...

Those are so cute! i wish i had been more creative with my kids valentines! this would have been easy and cute! i'll have to remember it for next year!