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Felt Hairclips

I am loving the trend of felt hair clips. I think that they are so cute and I tried my hand at them and they were also super easy (really just cutting shapes, optional sewing details, and gluing on alligator clips). This is my favorite site for ideas. Has anyone else been making these or have any other simple ideas for the craft-impaired such as myself?

Oh, and the most important part in my opinion is that my little girl loves to have them in her hair.


Cassi said...

Those are super cute and that is a fun website, I haven't seen it before!
I love the felt flower clips. Thanks to Kara for introducing me to them! :) I made a ton last year for Mayli and they still look great! I think they last a lot longer than the ones made out of fake flowers (Mayli has de-petaled a few of those). And I'm all about easy crafts. I try to post most of them on the craft blog i think you've seen. I need to start doing more though. Ever since I moved I haven't been doing nearly as much!

Anna said...

My Kaylee (2) has torn apart so many fake flower hair pieces, I have banned her from wearing them. But these felt ones are totally darling and I'm planning my trip to Michael's for tomorrow. can't wait!

Morgan -Ing said...

Those are SO cute and look SOSOSO easy!

Shalee said...

Adorable! And I'd hardly say you are craft-impaired Bridget!! Thanks for the fun idea...wouldn't that be a cute idea to throw into a baby shower gift?

David and Shelly said...

Very Cute Bridget! I need a little girl in my life!