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Dream House

Hello Mommies!
It's that time again for us to learn a little about you! This month we want to hear about your dream house!! Even if you never expect to actually live there, tell us what your dream house looks like! Inside and out, and of course... where is it located?

And Happy Mother's Day this week!

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The Paynes said...

I would like a house where the entire upstairs is for the kids(I have 5). That way, I don't have to see their mess, ever! I want a basement food storage room and a theater room too. A separate craft room, a library with tons of bookshelves, a huge super tricked out kitchen( I cook a ton) and the most awesome bath tub ever. Grass that fees good with bare feet, a pond in back stocked for fishing, a big barn for my chickies, and tons of fruit trees. I'm not sure where, but somewhere things grow really well and we can have a huge garden that actually grows things. Can you tell I've thought of this before?!