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Tricks of the Trade....Bridal Shower

I am throwing my first Bridal Shower for my almost sister in law Cami. They are getting married June 4th in the Oakland California Temple! Road trip:) Anyway.... I have never really done one before... we are going to have fun... but I need idea's. What to eat? Games to play? Gifts to give? yada yada yada!!!! So.... PLEASE help! Thanks


Brenna said...

I'm not a fan of shower games but here's one I like. My friend did this at my shower and I've played it at my sis-in-law's shower.

Interview the groom and ask him all sorts of questions like: what was the date you got engaged, what's her favorite holiday, what are the wedding colors (my bro-in-law had no idea:)) when was your first kiss, what was she wearing the day you first met, if you stopped at a gas station, what would she buy. Also throw in some questions about him to stump the bride like what's his favorite vacation spot, his favorite holiday, his favorite physical feature about the bride (that one can turn the bride bright red!)

At my sis-in-law's shower it was a kitchen theme and we all grabbed a typed-up question out of a bowl and a utensil. We took turns asking our question (someone had a list of answers) and if the bride got the questions right, she got to keep the utensil and if she got it wrong, we got to keep the utensil.

That can get pricey. The bride's mom threw this shower and money wasn't an issue. Even without the utensils as prizes, it's fun just to see how well the bride knows her groom!

Lu said...

What fun! I'm also not a huge fan of shower games, but my SILs threw me a great shower and we played a couple fun games. We did the same thing as Brenna above, only for every question I got wrong, I had to put a piece of Dubble Bubble in my mouth and chew it. Trying to chew 6 pieces of gum and answer questions at the same time is a challenge and funny to watch (not so much fun to do...)

They also put together a CD with a bunch of songs from chick flicks (and other romantic, squishy movies) and we played name that tune. 1 point for the song title, 1 for the artist, and 1 for the movie. Then they gave each of the guests a copy of the CD as a party favor. (Watch your copyright issues, though. Most iTunes songs can be part of up to 7 or 10 CDs, I think...)

Good luck!

Angela said...

I don't think anyone is a fan of games but I just attended a shower where they had pictures of the bride and groom throughout their lives and you had to guess how old they were. It was really fun and got lots of good laughs!

Joni said...

I have a lot of sisters and have helped with some Bridal Showers. The most recent one we had the whole theme be about LOVE. We did the pictures from when they were younger, a video of the groom answering questions about his love, and I made up a Movie quiz that had famous lines from romantic movies. The winners from the games got one of the romantic movies- you can get them cheap online for around $5. For the party favor we had popcorn with some little saying, I can't remember. It was really fun, if you want my little quiz email me at Good luck! It really is kind of fun planning it all!

Lindsey said...

My family is pretty low key, so we're all about open-house style: zero games, tons of great grub and lots of chatting and cackling laughter!! We like to do the classic chicken salad on croissants, pasta salad, fruit tray w/ dip and yummy desserts (Sam's Club makes some awesome ones!).