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Doctor Visits

Sorry to be a slacker with the tricks of the trade question! It's been busy around here! My question isn't so much asking for tricks but more just curious.
I'm wondering how often you go to the doctor? Do you go in to the Gynecologist every year like you're supposed to (not including when you're pregnant)? And in addition to that do you go in to a Family Dr. for a general check up too? Or do you only go in if you have a concern? And how often do you go to the Dentist?
It's easy to keep our kids on a schedule but I'm curious what the norm is for adults.


Just Rhonda said...

well i might not be the norm since I am married to a dr. But I only go to one when i really need it (and often then I just get my hubby to do the dr-ing). He does say that getting those womanly yearly things are important and over a certain age you should be getting yearly check ups. (Like past 45 i think - I'd have to ask him again!) (sorry long answer!)

Gynecology check up said...

its good that you posted this question..actually we go when we require or we feel that its needed now but we should go often for check we say precaution is better than cure..

Shalee said...

I am a big believer in preventative care too. It is sad to say but if we don't have good coverage than I am less likely to do it...I don't want to pay the money.

I do think every woman should have a yearly pap smear no matter what.

And I hate the dentist more than my kids do so if I can avoid it I will. I know they say you should go every 6 months but I go once a year. If I could find a good dentist (one that doesn't lie and say I have a cavity when I don't...I went to a different dentist to have it filled and he couldn't find anything) then I might be willing to go twice a year.

Lindsey said...

I am religious about my yearly exam at my OB/GYN (cervical cancer in the family) and the whole family makes it to the dentist twice a year. Other than that, I take the kids to the pediatrician for their yearly check-ups and as needed and my hubby and myself to our GP only on an 'as need' basis.

The Paynes said...

I never see a GP unless I have a concern. But after 40 I will, so I can keep up with my cholesterol counts to be aware of heart disease. I am a really healthy person so I don't have any prescriptions or anything. My OB did tell me that I am super low risk (having only 1 partner my whole life) so I could probably go 2 years for PAPs, but I usually just wait till I get pregnant again and do it then.