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Free Vodka Shirts Re-Purposed

So, first the story:

The university in these here parts had their homecoming this weekend. It's a very big deal, full of celebration, candy and alcohol. Most of us family folk hole up and come out only for the parade. As we did today. We were walking down to our usual parade spot when my 6 year old caught sight of a box that had one of the few words he can read in big letters on the front.


Ah, yes, free t-shirts. I picked one up and read the front. "Bomb Disposal Unit."

Well, that's nice I thought. Except later--to my dismay--I realized that the shirts were not a salute to our bravest and fines but to the fine art of binge drinking.

I had grabbed 5 shirts.

So..... I remembered a tutorial over at Make It and Love It. And I went to work.

I turned this: (please ignore the floor... and the toothbrush was tossed from a float at the parade. No one has used it yet.)

Into this:
Tweaks: I cut the chest piece from the bottom so I could gather the skirt. Then I sewed it back on with the hem facing out for little more spunk. I also added the ruffles on the front. Plus the waist band to give it a little more stability and structure (they were pretty flimsy t-shirts). I also kept the back low and crisscrossed the straps... which I put to far apart and the back bubbles a bit, but now I know not to do that.

Here's another view:My daughter was wearing a pair of ankle length leggings under this and it looked way cute, she's excited for Tuesday so she can wear it to school. (I feel loved).

Now you know what to do with a bunch of shirts that you find for free at a parade! Enjoy.



Terésa said...

Very cute C!! And look how big V is. My she has grown!

cannwin said...

Yes, she keeps doing that.

*sniffle* It happens so fast it can give a parent whiplash