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Tricks of the Trade: Baby Bowels

I have a bit of an odd question for this week. My little one is 4 months old, she is completely breast fed and... she doesn't poop every day. Is that normal? I can't remember if that ever happened with my other kids, but I don't think it did.

She can go two or three days between bowel movements and it's a bit unsettling. Is it something that is worth bringing up with a doctor or is it more common than I realize?


Shalee said...

I remember actually praying for poop with my infants. Mine would go 7-8 days without bowel time was even 10 days. I was so worried! We searched the internet, talked to other moms and finally talked with our pediatrician. Everything said that for a breast-fed baby this was NORMAL and we shouldn't worry about it. I think anything over 10 days would be worrisome though and at that point I would talk to your doctor.

The Paynes said...

My sister had the same problem. She talked to her dr and said 10 or more is a problem, or symptoms of pain. Her baby didn't mind, so she just saved some money on diapers. You are probably fine, just watch for a distended belly or lots of crying.

cannwin said...

well that is comforting. I didnt remember that ever happening with my others and since my oldest still has bowel issues at 8, I probably notice these sorts of thing more than others.

the other day I said to her little ears, okay baby today you need to poop.

ahh motherhood

Lisa said...

I know that it's normal. My doctor said as long as it's a pattern. Like every 3 days, or every Saturday (like my bro. when he was a baby).

But pain is different, obviously. I recommend prune juice. Force fed if you must. It'll shoot that poo out in no time.

Janalee said...

Babies utilize breastmilk better than formula and their bodies funtion better so they don't create as much waste. My second baby pooped every Thursday and boy was it a regular doosie!!! I would plan my week around Thursday so I wouldn't have to worry about a huge pooping spree while I was out and about!
Don't worry!

David and Shelly said...

I love that, Janalee, the Thursday pooping baby!. My first (breastfed) would poop regularly maybe twice a week. As he got older and on solid foods, it became more regular and everyday. My second baby (also breastfed) is a pooping machine. Several times a day. All sides of the spectrum are normal. Breastfeeding is best for your baby and you shouldn't worry.