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Udder Covers

Dear Mommies,
Here's another deal that I thought was too good to pass up. I wasn't sure I wanted to endorse it but I just got mine in the mail today and I LOVE IT! I won't go into how awkward I am when I try to nurse one of my babies or how much I detest doing it in front of people but now that the third baby is on the way I don't know if I'll get as much privacy as I did with the last two...between scooting to school or other activities. So I am hoping this will help. I have friends who swear by this product as well. And if you aren't a nursing mom I think this makes a great (and affordable) shower gift for someone else. Udder Covers retail for $32 but use a promotional code and it's FREE (but you do have to pay $8.95 in shipping.) Use the promotional code: backorder1 and find one you love HERE.
Hope you love yours as much as I love mine!


Angela said...

Thank you for the info, my baby is due to arrive December 16th and I was going to attempt to make one of these for myself once I went on maternity leave (next week) but this actually turned out to be cheaper than buying the fabric I wanted, and less work for me!

Good luck nursing! I too have a hard time doing it in front of others this hopefully will make it a little easier!

Anna said...

where was this deal when I bought mine 5 months ago. I too love mine and its nice and light so you don't sweat too much while nursing. :)

Laurie S. said...

I just ordered mine! Thank you so much!

The Paynes said...

Mine came in last week. $8.95 just like you said and it is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsey said...

#3 due in February and I was planning on making one but with how expensive fabric is, this is WAY cheaper! Thanks!

Shalee said...

UPDATE: I just received another promo code to receive a free Udder Cover so if you're still interested or want to get one as a gift enter the promo code "Christmas". ENJOY!

blessed mama said...

Just so you know you can still use the first code, almost a year later. I have not tried to use the "Christmas" code as of yet because I just used the "backorder1" code and wont need to even use the cover for about 5 more months. Thanks for the info.

PS: They also said they were going to send me an e-mail that gave me a code for a free sling to hold the baby in because I just bought a cover. So double bonus!