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Teaching Honesty

This week's question comes from one of our readers, Janalee. Thanks Janalee for the suggestion and all the great comments you leave here! Here is her question:

My daughter just turned 4 and a friend mentioned that 4 is the lying age. In fact she has been lying to me for the last few months. She fibs where the truth is obvious and she sticks to her story even after timeout or privileges are taken away. So my question is how do you teach honesty and deal with this lying problem?


The Mortensens said...

Well, I don't really have much advice, except that there is a great FHE lesson plan that teaches Honesty. I get my FHE lessons plans from this girl because I love them, and they are wonderful for younger kids. They are also cheap, and since they come complete with everything I need, we end up having very meaningful and fun family home evenings.

Here's the website:

Also, I think that the FHE book put out by the church has some on telling the truth and being honest. Sorry this isn't the greatest advice, I just sound like I'm giving a sales pitch, but I really do love these lesson plans.

Bridget said...

Wow, this is a hard one! Our oldest is only 3 and so the lies we've encountered are mostly to stop herself from getting into trouble. Like if she spills her drink and I ask her if she did and she'll be holding an empty cup saying, "I didn't do it." Yeah right.

We have also tried the FHE approach and really tried to explain to her what a lie was because I think we'd been saying, "please don't lie," and she had no idea what we were talking about. We just emphasized that no matter what it was, we'd always be happier with her if she told the truth first. Like I said, she hasn't hit the 4 mark, but this has really worked for us and now when she does something wrong she usually runs right over and tells me without sounding embarrassed. Now if we could only work on feeling remorse for taking your brother's toys away... Sorry that I don't have very good advice, but good luck!

David and Shelly said...

Do you guys have Pinocchio in your video collection?? Just kidding. That is a hard question. I like the FHE idea.