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Books and More Books

We love reading in our family and one of my personal favorite things for my oldest daughter (5 years) is audio books. She loves to listen to them during nap time for the other siblings, and lets just say this makes for a much happier family! So, when I was trying to find some new ones for her to listen to I stumbled on this find... at first I wasn't sure she would enjoy it, but it has been a really fun read for everyone in our family. It has cute, short stories teaching great skills like making your own fun or making a plan and then has good ideas for parents at the end of each lesson to reinforce the principles. I am planning on using some of the stories for FHE lessons, so I thought that I'd just pass it along if any of you are looking for a really good book for your family.

And on another note, I have an amazing friend, Allyson Condie, who is an author and has just released the novel Being Sixteen.
Since I never will be famous, I have to live vicariously - so keep your eyes on this one because her novel that is coming out this fall, Matched, is being said to be the next big phenomena and is being compared to Twilight. Anyone else have any good reading finds?

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