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Tricks of the Trade: Up-Keep

It's not my week I don't think, but since we haven't had a new Tricks of the Trade for awhile I'm not feeling to guilty about stepping up.


I'm a mom of four now. Life is busy around my house and I rarely get five minutes to myself (outside of the shower). So, as you can imagine, my appearance has taken a turn for the worst.

What are some quick easy tricks you ladies use to keep yourself looking tip top?


Bridget said...

This is a great question and one that I definitely need answers too! One little thing that always makes me feel a tiny bit more ready for the day is some simple jewlery. For some reason I always feel a little more presentable with some pretty earrings. My current favorite are ones like these that my friend makes ( - they totally pick me up and make me feel ready for spring!

Lu said...

I agree with Bridget -- earrings always make me feel much more ready for the day! I've also started doing the basics of getting ready as soon as I get out of the shower: moisturizer, concealer, and foundation. It makes me feel at least a little "done" for the day and, for whatever reason, has helped my skin to be more clear and even.

Andrea said...

Oh how we love to get Up kept:) I am a Mary Kay Beauty consultant and I love it because it helps me stay in the groove of what is in and out!!!! There are some new things that will help all over the body and we are so excited! If you are interested visit

cannwin said...

Jewelry! It's been so long since I wore jewelry outside of Sunday. Just the thought of wearing some makes me feel prettier.

My big one is eyeliner. If I don't get any makeup on in the day I try to put on eyeliner... that way I don't look so sleepy. :)

Anna said...

Mascara and toothpaste!!! I look like I have no eye lashes with out the mascara. If I put my hair in a pony tail I put a felt flower in it, and also earrings are a must, dangly ones.

The Mortensens said...

Yes, I agree, jewelry is a great way, and i LOVE the hair clip comment. That is a great one, it is cute and makes you feel feminine. My favorite mommy "pick-me-up" is perfume. I got some yummy perfume from the hubby for Christmas and I wear it everyday. I not only feel prettier, I smell prettier and even my little 4 year old has noticed. I used to only save perfume for Sunday or special occasions, but then I remembered that I'm doing the most SPECIAL things/occasions every day with my sweet babies. I also remember how yummy my mom always smelled when she came to tuck us in at night.

So.... PERFUME please!!