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The joke is on...

I need some help! In 9 1/2 years of marriage I have rarely pulled off a good April Fools prank on my husband and I would love to actually surprise him. However, part of the problem is my lack of creativity in this department. Does anyone have some great ideas to get your hubbies on April Fools?


Andrea said...

ok sothe funniest one I ever did to my husband was I hs my PREGNANT sister in law pee on a pregnacy test and we went out of town so I totally took it with me and then told him that i felt weird and went to the store and bought one and then switched em while I pretended to peE!!!!! HA?HAH?H?AH he about died!! Good luck!

David and Shelly said...

My husband always does this one to his parents every year---even since he moved away years ago. (he has his best friend sneak into the house and set it up!)
Here it is:
If you have a spray nozzle in your kitchen sink where you have to squeeze it when the water is turned on, then you can rubber band it closed. So the next time someone turns on the water it will come shooting out at them. It is hilarious to watch.
You could hide his toothbrush, put socks under his pillow, rig all the dials in his car before he leaves for work (heat blast, music blast, wipers, etc.)
Have something waiting for him all day long!
Actually, I'm giving myself some good ideas! :o)

Evelyn Perkins said...

Food is alway fun to mess with. My mom was a pro. She would make pancakes by dipping brown felt circles in pancake batter and deviled eggs with colored mashed potatoes instead of egg. String in the spaghetti. Salt instead of sugar. So nasty!!

Anonymous said...

Put a chocolate covered raisen in the toothpaste just before he uses it. Looks seriously like a bug.