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Well this is a REALLY late "about us" question for March! But with Easter this weekend I thought it would be fun to hear how everyone celebrates Easter. So what do you do to make the day special?


Shalee said...

I'm still undecided about whether the Easter Bunny should come on the Saturday before Easter so that Easter Sunday can be dedicated to worshipping our Savior.

My husband and I like to read in the New Testament about the last week of the Savior's life leading up to Easter.

We dye eggs and the Easter bunny hides them in the yard before the kids wake up. We also have a nice dinner. We are pretty boring!

The Mortensens said...

We are like Shalee, we like to keep it simple. On Saturday, we do all the egg hiding and easter baskets. I'm trying to put something spiritual in each basket and a do a little Easter thought on Easter Sunday morning with breakfast. I'm hoping this year, to put a picture of Christ with our decorations for dinner. And I made my boys a little church book with pictures of the Savior and such that they can take to church as a quiet book.

I really do love Easter time and Spring, it is such a refreshing time of year. We pretend about the Easter bunny, but our 4 year old knows it's us, we just have fun with it and tell him he gets suprises.

I'm thinking the only imaginary person in our child's life will be Santa....