Ingredient of the month: Cream of Chicken Soup

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Honey Chicken

I got this recipe a few weeks ago and have already made this chicken 3 times!  My kids LOVE it and it's SO easy!

Honey Chicken
1/2 C honey
1/2 C melted butter
1/4 C mustard
1 tsp salt
1 tsp curry powder
Mix together and pout over an 8x8in pan full of chicken breasts.  Bake on 350 for 50-60 min or until chicken is cooked through.  Serve on rice.

I have to double this for my family and use a 9x13 pan of chicken, and I use chicken tenders instead of chicken breasts.


Rachael said...

I just have to say that tonight I was looking for a fast, easy Chicken recipe to feed the missionaries and we tried this. One word...YUM! Seriously, SO GOOD. My husband and I agreed this will be one of our staples. Thanks so much for sharing!

Lindsey said...

You know I can vouch for this recipe!!

Chalece said...

I just made this yesterday, and my family loved it! Thanks for posting it Cassi. Super easy, and yummy.

The Mortensens said...

I can't wait to try this!