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Finally, the TRUTH!

1. I had 2 kids by the time I was 20.
TRUE. Yup, I was a teenage mother. So embarrassing, but I got married at 18, just before my 19th birthday, and pregnant just 5 months later. My twins were born 2 months prematurely so they arrived just before my 20th birthday and 1st wedding anniversary. Crazy!

2. I am an amateur chicken farmer.
TRUE. I have 6 pet chickens that I raise for eggs. We are currently getting about 3 eggs a day and in another month, should be getting 5-6 daily! I am a farm girl at heart.

3. My husband came to my high school graduation.
TRUE, although I was a bit tricky here. I graduated a semester early from high school and went immediately to the local community college where I met my husband. His little brother was also in my graduating class and he went to the ceremony to support us both. He was there, but only my boyfriend at the time. But now that he's my husband, I can say he went to my graduation.

4. I once flashed my boobies at my date.
FALSE. I didn't flash my date! Who do you think I am?! I flashed his friend! Ok, we were on a group date and I had to climb over a chain link fence and a friend of my date told a joke and I started laughing and couldn't get myself over the top of the fence. So I started to lower myself and the guy thought I was falling and pulled me over the top, hooking my shirt and bra on the pointy part of the fence. I fell down and my shirt went up and my bra broke apart and the lucky guy got a face full. My date didn't get a peek, he was behind me. Oh, and I couldn't fix my bra and there was a gaping hole in my shirt so I had to go home and change.
BTW, just a couple months later, my date proposed, and I married him!

5. I can touch my elbows behind my back.
TRUE. Seriously, I can really do that! I am really flexible and can even still do the splits.

That's me!


Cassi said...

You totally tricked me! First of all, were YOU at your graduation? For some reason I remember you skipping it, and you're not in any of my graduation pictures!
Second... I thought Trent was the "friend" of the date. Was he your date? I always thought he got flashed and then asked you out later and it was the funny joke that he asked you out after you flashed him. haha funny memories!

Christine Archibald said...

Fun stories. You Arizona girls get married young! Do you have the chickens at your house? I think that is cool. I wouldn't know the first thing about raising a farm animal. I am a total city girl.

Anna said...

Okay the boob story is hilarious, slightly painful but hilarious.