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Nobody guessed it

  1. TRUE I worked at a bungee jump for a year and a half. Before we could get certified we had to jump 25 times. Then before every shift we had to jump 5 times and if it was slow they asked us to jump to draw attention to it. It was one of the best jobs I ever had I loved it.
  2. TRUE I am a huge sports girl. I love the Lakers and the Angels. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I watch is sportscenter to see whats going on with my teams. I am so happy that the Lakers beat the Jazz.
  3. TRUE I did marry my dad's best friend. They work on the railroad together and they also golf together. My dad didn't want us to start dating because he was afraid that if it didn't work out that he would lose a friend.
  4. FALSE I have never hiked the Grand Canyon and I never will. I am afraid of Cliffs heights I can handle but not cliffs.
  5. TRUE I do not like sweets. I would much rather have a baked potato and a steak.



Cassi said...

Wow you have a fun life! So... what's scary about a cliff if not the height????

Shell said...

I love the baked potato and steak bit!