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The TRUTH about Heathere

1. I have shot a school teacher point-blank in the face with a rubber band.
I HAVE shot a teacher in the face with a rubber band. In 6th grade we had a substitute teacher and we were joking around. I held a loaded rubber band up to his face and he said “go ahead, I dare you to do it”, and so I did it. I promptly got in school suspension and detention. Then when the real teacher came back I got in trouble a second time when she found out. Later on in I think history class we were studying government and I found out that this was double jeopardy and should not have happened.
2. I once peed my pants as an adult while grocery shopping
I HAVE peed my pants as an adult. Two years ago, when I was about 8 months pregnant with Lijah, Jason and I went to the grocery store. When we got there I had to go REALLY bad and I could not find the bathroom. When I finally saw the bathroom in sight my brain told my bladder that it was time to let it go….and so it did. Then I had to finish shopping in my peed in pants!
3. I inherited a love of puzzle magazines from my mother.
I DO love puzzle magazines. When I was little my mom was always at the kitchen table with a Dell or Penny Press puzzle book. Every free second I get you can probably find me doing a puzzle in one of my many puzzle magazines. If you ever feel the need to get me a gift puzzle magazines are ALWAYS welcomed!
4. I once had a man with a foot fetish stalk me.
This was my lie. However, I had a picture of my feet that I had posted on my Flickr site (this one: and a man made a comment that I had beautiful toes. When I looked at this man’s site he had all kinds of pictures of feet and had other pictures of feet as his favorite photos. So he didn’t really stalk me – but he could have been a potential stalker.
5. I have a sweet little boy named Clark swimming in my belly.
Yes, I do have a sweet little boy named Clark Capel Willoughby in my belly – joining us at the end of September.

Erika – you’re tagged next!

1 comment:

Cassi said...

These are funny. I figured the peeing your pants one had to be a pregnant story! :)