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Here Comes The Truth

I am sorry I am kinda behind on this, I have been in the process of moving, and now have my computer set up!

1. I didn't attend my High School graduation. TRUE, I did not attend my high school graduation. I moved my senior year (my third high school) and from day one I was ready to graduate. I graduated 'early' and started Ricks College the end of May 1998, thus missing my commencement. Do I regret it? A little, I never 'walked', or wore a cap and gown, or had a really big party. But I loved my summer at Ricks and it was great to be around so many awesome LDS kids (I was the only member in my high school).

2. I've trekked through the Tetons with a llama. TRUE. My freshman year of college I did a program with Ricks College where we lived at the Outdoor Learning Center in Tetonia, Idaho. Part of that program was a week long hike in the Tetons with none other, but llamas. We would pack the llamas with all our stuff (ie: tents, food, etc.) so we didn't have to worry about all the weight. llamas are weird animals, lets just leave it at that. It was a great experience, very physically challenging, but a great memory.

3. I've never dyed my hair. TRUE. I have virgin hair. I am starting to go grey around my face so I think I might take the plunge and turn in my hair v-card in July and get some highlights.

4. I was kissed multiple times on my mission. TRUE...and no it was not by my zone leader who is now my husband!;) I always told my companions that I was going to stand up at my homecoming talk and say that I got more action on my mission then off. I didn't say that, but it might be true! Italy and Malta are very touchy feely places, and there were many times that before I could do anything about it, a young man would pull me in and kiss me. I also had a scary experience with an Arab guy in my first city, and without going into too many details, I will say that he kissed me multiple times. I will also say that I am grateful for those Nephite Warriors who were assigned to me that day.

5. I was supposed to be a twin. LIE! I wasn't supposed to be a twin, but I have always wanted to be one! I had a little imaginary twin sister when I was little named Rebecca. I would pretend play that we were at camp together, just like the twins on the Parent Trap.

I now tag Letti! Have fun!

1 comment:

Cassi said...

That is funny about the kissing Italians! And the llamas too! Fun stories!