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My favorite side dish

Okay, I have been a blogging slacker. We've been busy, and as I write this, I am out of town. But I still like to check the blog and see what's new, so I thought while I had a moment I would give you my favorite side dish. I love making salads! I think you can make them go with almost any meal, and I especially like them with all the "fixin's" So, here's my favorite salad:

Poppy Seed Salad:

Head of romaine lettuce
A little iceberg lettuce (if you don't have both kinds of lettuce, this salad still works with just one kind, having both just adds a little something, I also like adding a little baby spinach if I have it)
A little red or green onion, finely diced
A little crumbled bacon (or at my house, a lot of crumbled bacon!)
grated swiss cheese
a handful of green peas (I know this sounds weird, but it really is good, and it is a great way to add another veggie serving to your daily diet)
1/2 an apple, finely diced

Mix is all together and then add poppy seed dressing. My favorite Poppy Seed dressing is Brianna's, but Target sells and Archer Farms brand that is pretty comparable. I like to add the dressing to the whole salad when I serve groups, otherwise, we serve it individually so we don't get soggy leftovers. If you add the dressing to the salad, just go easy, you don't want to over due it. I love this salad, we eat it many times a week!! Enjoy!~

1 comment:

Cassi said...

yum, this sounds good! i'll definitely have to try it out, I love poppy seed dressing!
you're great to post even when you're on vacation!!