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Okay so my daughter is turning 3 on the 29th and we are having a dinner party with my sister's family and we even have a special guest coming...Cinderella!!! Mikelle is so excited and she can't wait. She wants hot dogs, so unprincessish. What are some great Princessish sides to go with it? I thought fruit wands (grapes on a steak skewer with a star shaped pineapple on top), and chocolate covered strawberries, with a princess cake for desert. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on the matter?


Letti said...

you can drink punch out of tea cups and have ittle sandwiches.

Cassi said...

The tea cup idea is cute! And you could get some cute cookie cutters and cut the sandwiches into shapes like hearts, crowns, etc. You could also do something with pink jello.
My mom threw me a Cinderella party when I was little and she found all these little plastic "glass slippers" and filled them with candy for each child. It was so cute, maybe a craft or party store would have those!? Good luck.

The Paynes said...

get everyone crowns, hers being the biggest. Pink punch, jello salads and lot of white doilies. Post some pics when you're done. Sounds so cute!