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Free KFC

Hi Girls! Even though I haven't eaten at KFC in years, I thought this was pretty fun. They're offering free KFC dinners if you print a coupon today (you can only print it on May 5th). I guess this is courtesy of the Oprah show and you can use it until 5/19/09. You can also print two, so I guess maybe a free date night? Have fun!


Anna said...

has anyone actually gotten this to work?

Bridget said...

I got it to work, but maybe it was just a fluke!

Anna said...

its working now, I think they just had an overload of people.

Kiera said...

Hey I got it to work.. it let me print 3! you actually have until 10pm tonight (the 6th) to print was jam packed yesterday cuz Oprah gave it away to the whole it might be hard to get to print but eventually it should work:)

Shalee said...

Thanks Bridget! I'm so glad that I wil get a break from cooking one of these nights!!