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Gestational Diabetes

So obviously I have a lot on my mind. This time, my gestational diabetes. I'm wondering if any of you have some great low/no carb snack or meal ideas. I can eat only 45 grams of carbs per meal and have to have 2 snacks with 15 grams of carbs, if I get hungry in between I can eat "free" or no carb items. I need some new ideas. I am going through so much bread (15 carbs per slice) and feel like I eat the same things. I'm wondering if any or you have had this before or at least have some recipes or food combo's of things that fit into either a meal or snack category. Any help would be great thanks!!!


Elliott Mom said...

Sugar free popsicles/fudgesicles were some of my fave snacks and helped satisfy my sweet tooth without a bunch of carbs. I also liked string cheese for my snacks. And the American Diabetes Association website ( usually has some helpful ideas.

Mama Nut said...

Sugar free pudding and sugar free jello are great snacks -- even better with sugar free whiped topping. I also like to cut up a bag of fresh lo-carb vegies and keep them in my fridge with some homemade dip -- if you make it from scratch you can cut a lot of the carbs. I also make my own salad dressing. I also have to do low carbs.

I like to make a big pot of lo-carb stew and keep it in the fridge and eat it for lunches. If you want my recipe, email me:

diabeteshealthcare said...

Taking a lot of carbs is always beneficial in GD and Type2. Balancing your daily diet is essential part of the treatment.

Gestational diabetes