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Personalized T-Shirts

So, this isn't the greatest picture of one of my latest projects, but there is a great tutorial at Tangled and True on how to make your own personalized t-shirts. It took a little while for my craft-challenged self to cut out the stencil, but it was a relatively easy project that is pretty exciting for kids to wear. Let me know if any of you try it - I'd love to have other ideas other than just names.


Shalee said...

Bridget! These are so cute! You are so creative! I've never heard of doing shirts this way...I've done the iron-ons before and those are really fun too! Thanks for sharing!

Cassi said...

So cute! Thanks for the fun idea!

Christine Archibald said...

Love this, I am going to try it!

Ashtyn said...

It's a great source for making personalized t-shirts!! It is also a best idea for gift!!