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Out to Eat

Sorry for the delay in getting our "about us" question up this month.  We love getting to know all our mommy authors and readers!
So this month we want to know where is your favorite place to go out to eat?  Whether it's somewhere fancy while your kids are home with a sitter, somewhere inbetween that the whole family can enjoy, or even a fast food drive thru.  We want to hear it!

We hope you all have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow!!


The Mortensens said...

Some of my favorites are:

Caffe Latte
Firehouse Pizza in Logan
Annie's Parlour

And many, many more, we love going out to eat, but hardly ever do!!! :)

Shalee said...

I love eating out but my husband prefers a home cooked meal...but when I can convince him to eat out we love...

Cafe Rio (UT, ID, AZ)
Outback Steakhouse
Eddingtons (Twin Cities)
PF Changs
Costco Pizza

**I also agree with Kara's favorites of Bonfire and Panera**

cannwin said...

If you live in the Phoenix area my favorite restaurant was Riazzi's in Tempe. *sigh* I miss that place, every time I'm pregnant I miss that place.

It's probably the best Italian I've ever eaten.

As for other places I used to frequent (way back when we weren't in Law School and lived in a big city) Panda Express-yum, Cold Stone Creamery, and Subway.

Kiera said...

Oh gosh.. tough question.. only cuz eating out is my most favorite thing! Sad I know! anyways my favorites are BJ's Brewery, Rain Forest Cafe, Cheesecake, Mcdonalds, Subway, Chick-fil-a... pretty much anywhere:)

The Paynes said...

In AZ, you have to try El Rico's in Queen Creek and get the Nachos Machos. We are thinking of having it shipped here! TX Roadhouse, Cheesecake factory(Chicken Maidera!), House of Eggroll, Macaroni Grill.
Note: You can usually find recipes from your favorite restaurant dishes on or get the book. This saves money and you get the same thing!

Cassi said...

CA Pizza Kitchen
PF Changs
La Casinta
St Clair Broiler
Wild Onion

Los Hermanos

Joe's BBQ
Texas Roadhouse

Now I'm hungry!!

cannwin said...

Erika you are a dangerous person to know... I shall go see this website pronto

OOH, I totally forgot about Mimi's Cafe. I loved that place *sniffles*

Bridget said...

If only I could eat out every night, sigh. We love eating out and some of my favorites in Northern Utah are

Spaghetti Factory
Firehouse Pizza
Rio Grande
Market Street Grill
The Bakery (French Bakery downtown SLC - delicious!)

We also love pretty much any Indian food and I'm just not very good at cooking it, so it's always fun to get.

Jill said...

I grew up with two working parents. We ate out ALL THE TIME! I miss it. I do think that the good thing about not getting to eat out so much is that we are pickier and only eat out at places we really really like. Anyway, when I go home to visit family in CA I always look forward to Round Table Pizza, La Bou and In 'N Out. pizza; soups and sandwiches; burgers and fries ever. Just have to hold out until August. I also love California Pizza Kitchen and PF Changs. I miss restaurants.