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Fun Girl's Night Ideas!

K, so I am throwing a Scentsy party this week and since the demonstrator won't be there I thought it would be fun to make it more of a girls night. I am planning on having American Idol Karaoke on for those that want to do that but I need more ideas on what would be fun to do with everyone. Does anyone know any fun girl's games or things to do. I don't really want to have a craft there because that would involve people bringing something or me having to go out and buy tons of stuff. Does anyone have any ideas? PS I need them soon cause it's on Wednesday!

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Cassi said...

Hm... girls night ideas...

Karaoke is definitely a fun one,
games are fun. There are a lot of fun card games you could play. I played a game called Discombobulation with some friends and it's a really fun group game!
You could watch a chick flick.

Really any girls night is great as long as you have good food!
When I get together with my friends we always just end up talking! All you have to do is bring up one of the following topics:

The weather (ok maybe that's just a MN winter thing)

And you'll be chatting all night! :) Have fun!