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Pack your Bags

Okay so I'm starting to think about what things I'd like to take to the hospital when I'm induced. I am wondering what are some things you are glad you had with you or wish you had taken. I still have a few weeks but thought I'd start a list so that when its time to pack I won't forget. With my first it was a visit to the doctor and was told to rush over to L&D only I didn't have a bag packed so I ended up grabbing things I didn't need and forgot things I wished I'd had.


The Perkins Family said...

I feel like I downsize with each kid. With my first I took WAAAAAY too much. Sure I had everything I needed, but when we left we had a baby to carry too as well as all that stuff. Amongst the toiletries and clothes I would suggest a notebook and a couple of pens to jot down everything that's happening so you can record it in a journal when you get home. Good luck!

Staci Kramer said...

This is a GREAT discussion point and I have three suggestions that you might not already have thought of.
#1:Don't forget a good nursing bra! I didn't bring one with my first and its just not something that someone else can go buy for you.
#2:Sea Breeze. This is going to sound odd but I SWEAR by it and I guarantee if you use it you will thank me later. You know that squirt bottle they give you after a vaginal delivery that you use every time you use the restroom? Put a little bit of Sea Breeze (a couple of tablespoons) in with the warm water. It sounds like it would sting but it doesn't, it feels so refreshing and soothing and I really think it helps everything to heal down there because it keeps it cleaner and drier. This technique saved my life when I was recovering after a bad tear.
#3: a premie size outfit for the baby to get pictures taken in. It will probably never fit them again beyond the first few days but they just swim in regular newborn clothes and its fun to dress them in something that fits. Babies R Us has a whole premie section. Other than those three things, the hospital will provide anything you need or you can send your hubby out for it!

Mama Nut said...

I got bored. I enjoyed having a crossword puzzle or Sudoku book. I also liked to have a small blanket of my own and don't forget socks and slippers. Slippers saved my life because AFTER I had my baby my feet swelled MAJOR. I had to wear them for a week.

Other then that the commenter before is right, the hospital gives you a lot of stuff, and the hubby can help out with the rest.

Cassi said...

I try to keep it simple. It's nice to know my husband can always grab what I forgot. My necessities are shampoo and conditioner (i hate the stuff they have for you to use), pajama pants, t-shirt, garments, nursing bra, toothbrush, toothpaste, my contact stuff, hairbrush, CAMERA, an outfit, blanket, and binky for the baby!

Shalee said...

I always take my own pillow so I'm more "comfortable" (if you can really be comfortable after just having a baby) during my stay. Other things--brush, toothbrush and paste, camera (with a CHARGED battery!), computer, snacks and candy, 2-3 outfits for the baby so I have something to choose from, calling card?? ( or is that something of the past now that cell phones exist?), and slippers.

This isn't part of the question but I made the mistake with my second to rush home from the hospital as fast as I could. For #3 I'm going to squeeze in every minute I can before returning to real life, dinners, laundry, and children who want me to carry them everywhere...ENJOY THE "VACATION"!

{jordan} said...

So I just discovered your blog and love it! Visit to receive your award! Cute Blog!

The Paynes said...

I loved having nice, comfy socks as my feet were always cold. I also had a silk robe I loved. It was pretty and helped cover me up a bit. I agree with the premie outsfit, I used one too, but I have babies under 7 pounds.
Ok, I recommend buying those stool softeners they give you at the hospital, before you get there, cause they only give you two, and my husband about died thinking he'd have to go buy some. If you tear or have an episiotomy, that drug is key to making things a little easier!

Anonymous said...

A pen and some paper.

They have this numbing spray for if you tear in the pharmacy section. My friend told me this after I had recoverred. (I often wonder why not before)

Anonymous said...

Just a tip I figured out. My legs and ankles were so swolen. They kept telling me to "put them up" I hated putting them up on pillows and it never worked. Finally I turned around in bed and put my feet where your head goes. I raised the top of the bed. This worked like a charm.