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Priesthood Power

Okay, I hate to post on top of Shalee's yummy cookies, so make sure you scroll down and check them out, they look delicious! And, I feel like I'm taking over the blog these days, sorry everybody! I just had to share my little Priesthood goodies. We teach in the Nursery and this week's lesson was on the Priesthood. I like to send the kids home with something tangible from our lesson. So this week we talked about article of faith #5, and the priesthood and types of things Priesthood holders do. I randomly found this "hand" cookie cutter at Joann's earlier in the week and thought it just might work for something. I was originally going for a "key" cookie cutter (for Priesthood keys), but found hands instead. So, I made "hand" sugar cookies, and put them in a cute little baggie with the Fifth Article of Faith and a picture of the priesthood tied to it. It was fun, and went great with the lesson, plus the kids loved them.

Just a thought.... a hand cookie cutter could be a great church thing.... helping hands, laying on of hands, service, etc. I'm glad I spent the 0.99 cents on it!!


Chalece said...

That is such a cute idea! They turned out great

Tyler and Ericka said...

How cute!!! Just a note on cookie cutters, Bed, Bath & Beyond has a big container of 100cookie cutters for 9.99.It includes the hands, entire alphabet, holiday ones, its pretty awesome and I think a good deal! People who take the time to bake treats for their church class are awesome by the way!!!