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Traveling with kids

Well, I've traveled a lot with Will, mostly by myself, so I'm always looking for new and exciting things. Some things that have really worked for us are:

1.) New and exciting treats/food they have never eaten before. I got Will some of those crackers that have the cheese with them all in one little package... what a hit! They also come with oreo's and you dip them in the frosting, those were a hit too. Others I've tried: a new kind of dried fruit (bananas were a hit), suckers (great, but keep the wipes handy), fruity cheerios (always a hit, especially if they never get it at home).

2.) STICKERS! Kids can be entertained for hours with stickers. My friend packs a roll of blue masking painters tape and her little boy who is 2, LOVES peeling pieces off and sticking them everywhere. Just make sure they are peeled off the seats in front of you if you are on a plane before you get off.

3.) A "new" book. I say "new" because it usually takes Will a few reads to really start liking a book. So, before we travel, I get him a book, get him reading it and loving it, and then it disappears into the travel bag a few days before we go. That way, when I pull it out on the plane, he is instantly interested and excited to read it. Sometimes if it is a book he's never seen before, he could care less.

Hope that helps. I could probably post some better stuff after our three lay-over trip to Utah in a couple weeks. We'll see how well my ideas work this time!

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