Ingredient of the month: Cream of Chicken Soup

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a Cook'n necessity

This is one of my favorite Christmas gift, its normally 99.95 but on sale right now for 79.95. You can also download it but I don't know if its cheaper or not, I like having the the actual softward. I use this all the time, well in the month that I have owned it now. It is a recipe organizer and it can: (copy and pasted from its website)

Search thousands of recipes--just tell it what you have on hand
Organize your own recipes
Adjust serving sizes automatically
Analyze nutritional value of your recipes
Build weekly menus
Display hundreds of food photos
Make grocery shopping lists
E-mail recipes to your friends
Print recipes on decorative cards
Publish your recipes in html for web browsers
Download recipes & shopping lists to your Palm Pilot!
Show preparation video clips
Search the internet for coupons

I have one folder that is filled with my mom and family recipes and then I have one folder that is just my recipes. It is so easy to use and so fun. One of my favorite features is that it adjusts the serving sizes, to often I make way to much food because I can't figure out how to reduce it properly so you tell this how many servings you want and it does all the math for you and gives me a recipe to make for 2. Once you register your software it will automatically update it with more recipes, and you can by other recipe cd's to go with it. I have Cook'n low carb, Cook'n chinese and one other that I can't remember. But seriously if you have this you will love it. The website is

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Cassi said...

this is definitely going on my wishlist!