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A Potty Party

My daughter (and I) are officially potty trained. It's been a week, a few accidents, lots of focus and lots of books read from the bathroom floor. I have to admit it was 1000 times easier than I was expecting. Here are some things we did:
  • We set a date and talked for days leading up to the big day (Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day to me!) we discussed how we weren't going to wear diapers anymore...yada yada yada.
  • She "threw away" her diapers. We put them in a big bag that I actually put in my closet. I still put a diaper on at night. I'm not ready to deal with laundering sheets.
  • We have "special books" that we read only when she is using the bathroom. She also has special underwear, a special toilet seat (thanks Bridget!) and a special stepping stool to aid in getting on the toilet and washing hands at the sink. Oh, and she had special drinks all week long (orange soda and Martinelli's apple juice.)
  • We ended the week with a Potty Party...we're always looking for an excuse to party.

I think mostly you and your child need to be ready. Leave a comment and share what were/are some of your tricks of this trade?


Annie said...

Sooooooo glad it has been so easy for you!! I'm keeping Ryan in diapers forever - I am seriously scarred from all the poop I had to scrub out of underwear and the carpet with Nick!

Christine Archibald said...

Wow, that is huge! Good job Kara! Sounds like you made it really fun for her. I will have to remember that. Ian has gone Pee Pee on the potty a few times here and there but he is definitely not ready to be potty trained! We are focusing on getting him to sleep through the night in his toddler bed before we even think of anything else!

Cassi said...

Yeah, that is like the dream potty training expereince!
We tried so many things with Parker I'm not sure how it finally clicked! Mayli seems like she wants to be trained but I can't completely focus on it like that with all of Jaden and Parker's needs too! What did Jared do while you guys spent a week in the bathroom? Maybe we'll just have to wait for Spring Break!