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Our babysitter

So Mike and I had a date tonight it was so fun. We went to see Enchanted, so cute, then went to dinner at Chili's. We hired my cousins daughter to baby sit, and she was awesome. We were gone 4 1/2 hours and payed her $20. She left the house extremely clean and did an awesome job. This was the first time we hired a sitter and I was happy to give her the $20. I didn't expect her to clean anything that wasn't clean when she got here, and she got my kids fed and in there jammies and into bed, she was well worth my money. I do know that I want her to come back and if that means paying a little then its worth it. I've had mother's offer to have their teenagers watch my girls (thats just how cute they are :)) for $1 per child per hour, I can't believe any one would come back at that price. Could you imagine getting paid 8.50 for 4 1/2 hours of your time. Plus I expect them to leave the house in as good (or bad for that matter) a shape as it was when they came but not worse so that is worth more too, isn't it...

1 comment:

Cassi said...

Awesome!! I thnk $20 sounds like a great price for 2 kids for almost 5 hours!
That's great that you found someone you like!