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Meal planning idea

A few months ago I got tired of scrambling for recipes every week so I thought I would try a different approach. I always see ideas and meals in magazines that I want to try but then I forget about them by the time I am done with the magazine. So now I just rip out the page of the magazine when I see a recipe I want to try and throw it in a clear page cover in a three ring binder. I have them separated into different categories: main dish, sides, sweets, and I even started one for crafts. Now when I am planning my meals for the week I just pull out the binder and it is full of recipes I want to try. Then after I try out a recipe I usually type it up and put it into a separate 'tried and true' category.

1 comment:

Laura said...

That's so great! I just started doing a similar thing. Only I clip the "to try" recipes together and stick them on the fridge--they only get to the binder if they're "approved." :)