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HOORAY for GOOD music...

i am so excited right now i just had to post and share this awesome radio station i've discovered---i don't know if i'm alone in this but i'm sort of a music geek and i just LOATHE about 99% of all kids music...i've been on a mission to discover something my daughter and i can both enjoy. i've found it-wahoo.
minnesota public radio has recently launched a non commercial station "for kids and their grownups". it is an HD radio station which means you either need to have an HD radio receiver (like 200 bucks) or you can listen to it online for free like me...we've been playing it non-stop the last 2 days and i'm loving it... just go to, then click on the link labeled "the current" up on top (it's a red box), then scroll down in the blue box, and on the left hand side near the bottom of the blue box you'll see "wonderground radio". i'm SURE there's an easier way to get to it but i haven't found it yet...maybe just google "wonderground radio"...yeah i'm not so hot at explaining stuff. let me know if you have trouble finding it. i'm so excited--this is going to make a major dent in the number of times i have to sing "the monkey song" everyday! (the monkey song is "you are my sunshine" with about every other word replaced with the word "monkey". shoot me please.) :)

p.s. for some reason blogger is telling me that i'm not allowed to use exclamation points. i had to go back and change them all to ellipses...but just know that i am psyched. (EXCLAMATION POINT HERE) :)

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HD Radio is a farce: