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More on Babysitting!

Ok, so this might be kind of long. I only have one child and we have not had to pay a babysitter yet, but I do remember back in the day when I baby sat. I have babysat upto 5 kids at one time, that means give them dinner and put them to bed. (I think asking a babysitter to give a bath might be to much, just me) I would usually babysit for about 5 hours and get about $20, now that was 10-15 years ago, but I think $1-$2 per hour per child is good. I think as a babysitter the best thing is to let them know what to have for dinner, what to have for snack, and any kind of bedtime routine with the bedtime. I know that with most of the kids I watched most of the time they did go to bed for me, sometimes they would come out once or twice but if you let the babysitter know to just keep telling them it is bedtime they listen. Sorry for this long blog, I just hope it helps someone. Maybe think about what was required of you when you watched other peoples kids.


Cassi said...

Wow, 5 kids at one time is a lot! How old were you? Were any of them babies? I only remember babysitting 2 at a time ever. That's why I hesitate to have a teenager watch my 3.
Thanks for the info! I would never ask a babysitter to give baths either!

The Gaulkes said...

When there were 5 they were all over 2 years old. But I did watch 4kids and the youngest was about 6 months, it was a family that I had babysat for on a regular basis. I think talking to the parents of the YW is a good idea to see what they think she can handle. By the way I was probably under 16 when I watched these kids, because I didn't due much babysitting once I could date.