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Broiled Salmon

So this isn't seafood because well my husband hates it and so I never cook it, I do thaw shrimp and dip it in cocktail sauce but that is a no recipe needed kind of food. Anyway, on to my broiled salmon:

Fresh Salmon (from the grocery store)--take a non seraded (for the life of my I can't spell it) knife to take the scales off, I lay it on a cutting board in the sink and use the knife against the scales. If that makes any sense.

lemon pepper seasoning

brush the butter over the salmon and then sprinkle with the lemon pepper. broil until golden brown. Mmmm I use to eat this every birthday along with Fettucine Alfredo, its great because calories don't count on your birthday!! :)


Cassi said...

Aren't fish part of seafood? Maybe I'll change the ingredient to seafood/fish!
This sounds pretty easy... except the whole scraping the scales off...eeew! I've never bought fish... they are cleaned out and everything besides the scales right? Do they still have eye balls...? haha!! :)
I'll have to try this. We really need to eat more fish!

Anna said...

I think salmon are more of a lake food or river food... You have to try salmon its the best!! and no i buy mine already cut and cleaned with no eyeballs, all I have to do it descale it. You can also buy it already frozen its good too just not as good.