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What Did You Do All Day?

Don't you love when your husband asks that question? For some reason it always sounds accusing! But now I really want to know! What do you do all day?
How do you organize your day? Do you have a set schedule or does your daily schedule change... daily? Do you make sure you get out of the house every day to the park or a playground or just to run errands? What if you don't have the car for some reason or it's too cold/hot to go out and play, what kind of activities do you do around your house? Do you have a craft/activity planned for your kids every day? And if so... please share your creativity!!
When do you squeeze in the cleaning and the cooking?
Basically... what do you do all day? :)
And... who wants to do a question in the next few weeks?
My brain is fried! :)


Letti said...

I really have no schedule to follow unless it is written on the calendar. I am a very last minute go with the flow kind of girl. Some days are more productive than others. With 5 kids you have to live for the moment.

Rachael said...

On Sunday night I sit down with my Google Calendar and plan out the entire week. I have my day planned hour by hour. I just work better this way. I try to have at least one activity planned for the day, so we get out of the house. My two boys keep me hopping, so I have to get them out to spend some of their energy.

Calise said...

This is a really great question- I wish I had a schedule, but I know I would never follow it! I do like to have a set meal time, and at the meals we usually have some sort of "spiritual message". My boys don't sit still for long, so I have to talk when I can. They love to tell me stories from church, or we look at pictures from the Friend or the Gospel pictures. I also try to look on the internet for fun, free stuff to do around our town. I am amazed at what there is such as free movies at the big movie theater, splash parks, free lunches and $1 baseball games. Craft time is also important, and searching for kids crafts on google, you get some creative, easy, low mess ideas. I think as a mom with multiple children, you have to just take things as they come- be spontainious!! :)

Anna said...

I have no schedule!!! I don't know if that is good or bad. My girls have a set nap time but other than that we live for the moment. Some days we get out somedays we don't, with gas what it is we tend to limit our outings. I need to incorporate more crafts into our day I think, I think my problem is knowing what craft. I hate messes, weather its sticky fingers or dirty/grimy hands or toy clutter or dirty dishes, but I need some ideas of light cleanup crafts. We play out side lots or if its too hot we play in our play room and read stories, make cookies blah blah.

Shalee said...

Since moving here I have created a big time routine. It has helped me a ton and it has been fun for our kids. I have tried to limit our outings more because of gas prices too. And I should add that just because we have a schedule doesn't mean we can't be flexible and make changes. The schedule helps us have something to look forward to. Mondays--market day (We run errands to get the food for the week of meals I have scheduled or other errands and we make sure we get good naps since we didn't on Sunday.) Tuesday--Pool Day. Wednesday--Library Day. Thursday--Playgroup day (beach, zoo, splash park.) Friday--cleaning day. Saturday--Dad day (beach, pool, exploring Jax.) We do our outings in the morning and come home for lunch and naps. Then they play with their toys while I get dinner made. Then we have been exercising at nights. The day just seems to drag on if I don't have something scheduled.

Rachel said...

I kind of do the same thing Shalee does. But I don't have it all written out, it is more just what is going on that week. I like the exercising in the evening to get some energy out before bed.Great idea!!

molly and geoff archibald said...

We work out first thing in the morning, or else it just doesn't happen.Quinn has always been an early bird so she likes to do our "walk-walk-walk" or our "run-run-run" right away. We try and have something planned for 9:30 or 10 am, even if it's just going to the park down the street, or having a friend over.

After lunch Q takes her nap and that's when I attempt to attack THE LIST...that's my ongoing list of junk to try and get done some time during the week. people to call back, house stuff, working on my calling,etc... whatever doesn't get done that day rolls over to the next. and lots of days i don't even look at the list, if i'm feeling wiped out or if there's something more pressing (like getting ready for girls camp next week, aaack!). i also make confirmation calls for my husband's dental patients during Quinn's naptime. A

fter nap we run errands or play at home, sometimes go back to the park or play in the wading pool. if ever we do a craft, it's about this time of day...Evenings are mostly at home or going somewhere as a family. geoff works 45 hours in 4 days so we have a 3 day weekend, which is nice--usually one day ends up being projects/errands, another day is fun day, and sunday is church and super-nap-o-rama day. then it all starts over again!

cassi i have an idea for a question but i'm not sure how to post it. do i email you privately or just post it as a regular post or what?

Cassi said...

For anyone who wants to do a question... just let me know so I can give you a week to do it. Then you just post it like any other post and label is tricks of the trade. Easy! So please please please volunteer! :)

And these have been great suggestions so far! Thanks!! I really like the having every day have a specific activity idea! Gives you something to plan around!

Tiffany said...

Hey Cassi, I love this blog!! Such fun ideas...and great recipes. I have a post idea for you!! :o) Olivia (my 2 year old) hates vegetables!! LOL, not a big surprise considering she is 2, but I was hoping there were recipes out there that had "hidden" veggies in them. For example..I have a brownie recipe that calls for shredded can't taste it, just makes them extra moist. Ya its a brownie, but at least I know she's getting some type of veggie!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

The Mortensens said...

My daily routine also looks a lot like Shalee's. We are VERY flexible, but a routine is a must for me, otherwise I feel a little out of whack. I've tried to dedicate one-two mornings a week to running errands. The other mornings are "my time" while my little guy watches a movie, or plays on his own. Then, after lunch and naps, it is "his" time and we play outside or I just make sure to give him some one on one attention. I try to find something for him to do while I make dinner, or if I've been really on top of things, I do as much for dinner during naps that I possibly can, so I don't have to take a lot of time preparing in the afternoon. I've got a great craft idea book called the "Everything Toddler Activities" and it has some fun, inexpensive, easy crafts for all different ages of kids, 2-5. I used this alot during the winter. I made a list of the crafts I had everything for and that we wanted to try, so in the afternoons, or during downtime in the morning, we could look at our list, and start crafting. I think what kids like most about crafting is using their hands and spending quality time with mom! So, we keep it simple, finger paints, pictures with pasta, play dough, gluing popcorn on construction paper, ect.