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Tricks of the Trade Help

Hey Mommy Bloggers!
We need your help! There are a few of us who seem to have a lot more tricks of the trade questions than everyone else but we are running out of ideas! The rest of you couldn't possibly have perfected motherhood already... right!? :)
So from now on if there isn't a volunteer for the week then we're just going to assign someone to do it. If you can't, that's totally fine just let us know as soon as you can! And if you'd rather not ever be assigned let us know that too. We just really want to keep this blog alive as long as we can and to do that we want all our authors to be involved.
We'll just go in alphabetical order so just watch for your name on the sidebar. And if you have a question and want to volunteer just leave a comment! I added a link on the sidebar labeled "Have An Idea" so you can easily volunteer or make a suggestion.
Thanks everyone!!


Anna said...

I hope you mean you are starting at the end of the alphabet. :)

Christine Archibald said...

Great idea! I am sure all of these brilliant moms can come up with some great ideas.