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Kid Hair

So, excluding church or meetings with distant family members or friends, my little girl could possibly be mistaken for a homeless child. Nothing against homeless children, but her hair is usually pretty tangled and stringy with the occasional (okay, more than occasional) glob of encrusted food. It seems like other kids looked so put together and I'm sure I'm missing an essential step in kid grooming. We use a detangler in the morning, but for this week's tricks of the trade I want to know what products are the best for kids hair and how you keep them looking nice. Also, what hairstyles work the best for your kids - boys and girls (my boy is bald right now, but I'm sure we'll be in the same boat with him in a few years!). Also, there's a great hair blog that has tons of cute ideas, so check it out and please give me some inspiration!


Cassi said...

Good question! I want to add... how do you get your kids to sit still while you cut or do their hair??? Especially babies!
I don't use any special products with Mayli but when her hair is tangled I put some conditioner in it while she is in the bath tub and then I brush out the rats while the conditioner is still in her hair. Then rinse it out. That's what I do with my hair so I figured it would work on her and it has.
That hair blog has some really cute ideas! I can't wait until Mayli's hair is a little longer so I can try some of them. We do a lot of pony tails... all her hair, half her hair, two pigtails, etc.
As for the boys the easiest hairstyle I found is where it's short all over and the top combs forward and then the "bangs" are a little longer and gelled upwards... does that make any sense? If you know Parker then you know what I mean! :)

Shalee said...

Great question Bridget! I saw the hair blog on your blog last week and I am totally hooked. I've already tried a new do on Kara and it was adorable. I wish I could convince Kara to sit still so that I could do her hair more. We use special things she can only have during hair time and if I am cutting their hair then they know they get dum-dums. By the way, you can save so much money cutting your own kids' hair and it always looks just as good as the cheap hair salon.

Kara's hair gets lots of tangles. We wash her hair at night and I always use my conditioner let it sit while she plays and then rinse. Then we brush through her hair before she goes to bed. I have no idea what products are good...I'm pretty cheap when it comes to beauty products.

I am obviously not much help on the subject so I'm excited to see what others post.