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And the winners are...

Thanks to everyone for sharing how they make Christmas special! We LOVED reading all of your Christmas was so hard not to comment in response! Thanks for the great ideas!

And now what you've all been waiting for!! We used our new best friend to help select our winners and here is what she said...

10-Steeves Family said...
Traditions -- Some of my earliest memories is of the 8th floor exhibit. I remember Mom and Dad taking us there every year, seeing Santa and then Dad would buy us Gingerbread cookies at the end. I don't think I have missed a year, even on college break or coming home for the holidays - we would always make a trip downtown to the 8th floor. Mom and Dad have carried this tradition on with my kids. This year we went to the 8th floor with Grandpa, saw Santa and had our gingerbread cookies It was a nice day, but we all missed having Grandma there

61-rdittli said...
Growing up the best part about Christmas was planning presents to make for everyone. Also, we acted out Luke 2 with costumes on Christmas Eve. For our relatively new family, the only consistent tradition so far is that at Christmas we have more family around. We've gone somewhere or had visitors every Christmas. I love the ideas I've read here! Maybe next year I'll report on which ones I successfully added to our holiday tradition. :)

You have 24 hours to claim your prize(s) may choose up to 3 prizes!! Be sure to email by 7am Sunday December 14th to select your prizes (with a few back up ideas in case the other winner beat you to the punch.) If we don't hear from you by then we'll select a new winner. We'll mail them to you before Christmas so you have some fun stocking stuffers!

Thanks again for participating!!


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