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Tricks of the trade

We are going to be painting our living room and since I have two kids I am looking for a quick and easy way to get this done. Does anyone have any items as to how to make sure that is goes smoothly??


Cassi said...

I really wish I could help you but I have never attempted painting a room! I would say... get someone who will watch your kids while you paint and if you're worried about them breathing the fumes at night maybe sleep at a family members home... if any of your family members in town have an extra room.

Shalee said...

I know a lot of people that wait until the kids are sleeping and then paint into the night. I can't imagine painting while my kids are awake! Good luck!

rdittli said...

I must agree with Shalee. The quick and easy way to do it is to get everything ready (drop cloths, taping, etc) with your kids' help during the day, then paint it after bedtime. If the room is big, cut in all the edges and corners one night, then use the roller the next night. That way the paint will be dry by the time your cherubs might touch it in the morning.

The Paynes said...

Absolutely do not try to paint with them around! I did that once and there were brown feet marks all over the carpet that could not be removed. Now, I do major painting while the little ones are napping or down for good. Touch ups can be done while they are up, like painting the border where the wall touches the ceiling. No rollers! Too tempting!