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A story I just have to share!!!

A little preface, I have two daughters Mikelle 3 and Kaylee 1 and am pregnant with child #3. Forever now Mikelle has wanted to name the baby Kaylee, if its a girl....

I have the funniest 3 year old in the whole world!!!! Kaylee was crawling up on the couch to sit by me and Mikelle says in a sad voice "I going ta miss her". I said "well, where is Kaylee going" Mikelle says "her is leaving" I said "but where is she going" Mikelle said "when da new baby comes Kayay haf to go bu bye". I about died from laughing. I explained to her that I love Kaylee and I could never send her away. I then told her that we would have 3 little kids, Mikelle, Kaylee and the new baby. I then asked her if that is why she wanted to name the new baby Kaylee, because she thought Kaylee was leaving and she said that yes, that was why she wanted to name the new baby Kaylee. Oh sad, I feel bad that she has thought that Kaylee was getting the boot, but mostly it makes me laugh. I also think its funny that she assumed we would send Kaylee away and not her. :)


Cassi said...

That is too cute!! Are you excited for 3??? It was a big shock for me!

Chalece said...

Haha, silly Mikelle. Of course she would be the one to go! We are super duper excited to see you guys next week, it will be so much fun. Yeah!!